5K Foam Fest and Mud Run

Join our team BEAST MODE for the 5K Foam Fest and Mud Run!!
What: 5K Foam and Mud Run
When: Saturday, July 13th, 2013 @ 1:40 pm
Where: Haverhill, MA
Who: Onset Worldwide owners, and our family and friends
Our team name: Beast Mode
Registration: $50 if you register in next 9 days! Charity for Special Olympics. 
When registering, make sure you join our team (Beast Mode) and sign up for the correct heat time (1:40pm)!!! 
*Read the fine print before signing up for the “free” magazine subsciptions. They bill you after 3 months.
**At the very end, after registering and paying, it’ll ask you to verify your email address. Do NOT verify, so you won’t be billed for a yearly Active.com membership.