Guar Gum Growing in the US?

At New Mexico University’s annual field day at the NMSU Agricultural Science Center this month, area farmers were introduced to the desert crop guar gum. 90% of the world’s guar gum is grown in India. Let’s see what the research at the science center comes up with, and if we can increase the production of guar gum in the US! 

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Don’t forget about our lab’s guar gum replacements! 

Stabilizer EC Description: A proprietary blend of natural gums; non crosslinkable. Uses: It’s synergistic reaction is an ideal replacement for guar gum in erosion control applications as a tackifier, hydro‐mulching and hydro-seeding as a tackifier, oil drilling as a linear gel, and other mid‐viscosity applications.

Stabilizer KK Description: A blend of natural gums; non cross‐linkable. Uses: In hydroseeding as a tackifier and other lower viscosity applications.

Frac ST Description: Cross‐linkable with organic based crosslinkers and performs closest to Guar at same use levels. Uses: Oil drilling industry.

CJ4 Uses: Oil drilling industry.  

Stabilizer EX55 Description: A proprietary blend of hydrocolloids. Uses: Carpet printing and continuous dyeing fields.

Stabilizer ECDF Uses: Wet pet food manufacturing