Tour de Farm – New Jersey

We participated and sponsored the Tour de Farm New Jersey ‘Sussex County’ event last week. Picture below. We are looking forward to the Tour de Farm NJ ‘Warren County’ coming up this weekend on 9/19/15! There’s still time to sign up! Would you like bicycling through beautiful countryside and stopping at several NJ farms for a tour and small tasting?

Tour de Farm NJ Sussex

Onset Worldwide Products

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  1. Chia seeds
    1. Conventional and Organic
    2. Black and White
    3. Whole Seed and Milled
    4. Defatted 
    5. Chia Oil
  2. Quinoa
    1. Conventional and Organic
    2. Mainly White
    3. Whole, Milled, or Flaked
  3. Organic Amaranth
    1. Whole, Milled, or Flaked
  4. Coconut Oil
    1. Organic, Virgin
  5. Millet
    1. Organic, White Proso
  6. Flax
    1. Conventional and Organic
    2. Brown and Golden
    3. Whole and Milled
  7. Teff
    1. Conventional mainly
    2. Brown and Ivory
    3. Whole, Milled, Flour
  8. Kamut®
    1. Organic, Whole

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