Fun Facts on New Jersey’s Transportation & Logistics Industry

  1. The Port of New York & New Jersey includes the following facilities: Port Newark, the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal, the Howland Hook Marine Terminal, the Brooklyn-Port Authority Marine Terminal, the Red Hook Container Terminal, and the Port Jersey Port Authority Marine Terminal.
  2. The Port of New York & New Jersey processed $172.3 billion of cargo trade revenue in 2013 (US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census). 
  3. In 2013, the transportation, logistics & distribution industry employed > 364,000 workers in New Jersey.

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Guar Gum in India

Guar gum is India’s largest commodity export to the US. 

“From the global supply perspective, India is currently a dominant global producer of guar, accounting for about 80 per cent of world production. In India, the largest production centres are Rajasthan and Gujarat, which is where the big export surge is presumably originating. This concentration pattern provides a possible explanation for the price surge in 2012-13. Anticipation of a drought, which could have significantly reduced production in India (as happened in 2009-10), may have led to advance buying, pushing prices up.”

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China and US: Both Second Largest Trade Partners

China and the US rely on each other for economic growth and trade. 

“Low-priced Chinese goods have kept US consumer prices relatively low and served to propel economic growth. Business cooperation with China has, in effect, added an extra 1,000 US dollars to the annual disposable income of each American household.”

“The rising purchase ability of the Chinese people will become a main driver of the Chinese and world economy, which includes the US one.”

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