Guar gum costs squeeze margins

Higher costs for guar gum is squeezing margins for oil field firms such as Baker Hughes. 

Furthermore, by fracking, the US is expected to become the world’s largest oil producer by the end of the decade. Good news for reducing our dependency on foreign oil. 

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The Guar Gum Bubble

Guar gum pricing is about $7,000/ton, down from $27,000/ton back in May this year. 
Also, India normally sells 60% of its Guar to the oil industry and 40% to the food industry. But this year, the food industry has only bought 20% because of the high prices.


US oil drilling and food companies are turning to Guar gum alternatives. Our company has Guar gum alternatives: for both industrial (oil drilling industry, hydroseeding, carpet dying, leather tanning, explosives, cat litter) and food (bread, ice cream, yogurt, salad dressing, juices, wet pet food). Contact us today for more information. 


Guar Gum Replacements

Stabilizer EC Description: A proprietary blend of natural gums; non crosslinkable. Uses: It’s synergistic reaction is an ideal replacement for Guar Gum in erosion control applications as a tackifier, hydro ­‐mulching and hydro-­‐seeding as a tackifier, oil drilling as a linear gel, and other mid-‐viscosity applications.

Stabilizer KK Description: A blend of natural gums; non cross‐linkable. Uses: In hydroseeding as a tackifier and other lower viscosity applications.  

Stabilizer EX55 Description: A proprietary blend of hydrocolloids. Uses: Carpet printing and continuous dyeing fields.

Stabilizer FGGR Uses: One-to-‐one replacement for Guar Gum in many baking applications, such as cakes, batters, tortillas, and bread.

Stabilizer FGGR-NAT Uses: Organic one-to-one replacement for Guar Gum in the baking industry.

Stabilizer FDR Uses: One-‐to-‐one replacement for Guar Gum in dairy applications, such as yogurt and ice cream.

Stabilizer BVEU Uses: One-to-one replacement for Guar Gum in the beverage industry, mainly juice based systems.