What is Kosher?

Contrary to popular belief, a kosher product has nothing to do with a Rabbi’s blessing. Instead, kosher food conforms to Jewish dietary laws, which can be addressed via the following main categories:

  1. Where does the food come from? Jewish dietary laws specifies which animals may be eaten and which may not. For example, cattle, fish with fins and scales, chicken, and turkey are allowed. However, pigs, shellfish, birds or prey, rodents, and insects are all forbidden. Also, any product derived from forbidden animals is also forbidden. Furthermore, all unprocessed fruits and vegetables are kosher. 
  2. All meat must be slaughtered and prepared in accordance with Jewish law
  3. Meat and dairy must be separated when eating them and preparing them. A kosher kitchen calls for separate cooking utensils and cleaning methods for each meat and dairy. 

These are just the main points. There are several other stipulations when deciding if a food is kosher or not. For more information, check out the following sites:

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Onset Worldwide is beginning our kosher certification process!