Onset Worldwide is expanding!

Beginning in May 2019:

We will have installed a Retail Packaging Line at our Frenchtown, NJ facility. The packaging line will be equipped with a check weight system and metal detection – for pre-made pouches and FFS pillow bags. We will be offering discounted bulk processing services in combination with any retail packaging projects.

We will have installed a Blender – for dry ingredients – whole seeds, grains, flours, and more – into bulk and retail packaging.

We will have increased capacities, with up to 350,000 lbs of product per day for our Siftex® cleaning and Microduction® system.

New products validated with Microduction® include: quinoa, teff flour, and pumpkin kernels – which is in addition to the previously validated products: chia, hulled hemp, cashews, psyllium powder, defatted milled chia flour.

Microduction® Press Release

Check out our press release in Quality Assurance Magazine, Supermarket News, and Nutraceuticals World! 




Microduction® Launching January 2018!

Microduction®: a total safety solution. 

The reduction of microbiological counts on food ingredients. A proprietary system developed by Onset Worldwide.

Benefits of Microduction®:

  • Organic certified process
  • No heat
  • No residual
  • Validated 5 log reduction
  • Zero yield loss caused by treatment
  • Cost effective
  • Use of seal
  • Raw


  • Producers
  • Retailers
  • Retail brands
  • Manufacturers
  • Co-packers
  • Bakeries
  • Resellers
  • Processors