Freedom Delivered

Onset Worldwide has teamed up with Freedom Delivered to share important healthy eating information with our respective audiences.

Freedom Delivered is an online retailer that sells a variety of gluten free products to individual customers. Freedom Delivered’s parent company, Free Brands, started with marketing its own all-purpose flour and baking mixes in 2009. These products are currently sold under the brand names “Baking Free” and “Positively Free” and are marketed exclusively on the site.

As an ingredients supplier to manufacturers, contract packaging companies, commercial bakeries, and other companies who source large volumes of bulk ingredients, Onset Worldwide has a different audience than Freedom Delivered.  When Freedom Delivered offered to share helpful information about chia with their customer base of 30,000, we enthusiastically agreed to participate.

Tom Andrews, co-founder of Freedom Delivered:

“Thank you for the opportunity to explain to your audience about our company, with our goal of finding one or more healthy eating companies to team up with. In developing our online presence for our Positively Free and Baking Free brands, we have discovered that other food companies might benefit from what we do online.

We’ve been a bit of a unique company from the beginning—selling 5lb bags of flour exclusively online is not “normal” in any way. However, this was the path we chose and through the years, we’ve gotten good at things that many food companies don’t prioritize. For example, we successfully identify and create trial for gluten free customers—over 10,000 new ones last year. We are good at online order taking and fulfillment. We communicate with customers and provide them with important lifestyle and product information—ebooks, newsletters, blogs, social networking and the like. 

We recently tested the idea of teaming with other food companies with the importers of Le Veneziane gluten free pasta. The test has gone tremendously well for both companies, so we are looking to do more of that.

We are looking to team up with gluten free food companies in ways that go far beyond a simple supplier/customer relationship—companies that would benefit from our experience at creating an online presence. Our current target list includes companies that make gluten free nutrition bars, granolas, pretzels, crackers, ready to eat “travel” foods, and flour tortillas. I’m happy to discuss a variety of ways to work together.”

You can contact Tom Andrews at if you or any of your customers might be interested in working with Freedom Delivered.