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Onset Worldwide –
Your East Coast Partner for Toll Processing

Our new facility was developed exclusively to clean, mill, pack, and private-label seeds and grains into bulk, foodservice, and retail bags.

Our facility is located in Frenchtown, New Jersey USA 08825, which is an hour west of the Port of NY and an hour north of Philadelphia.

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Allergen-Free & Gluten-Free
Kosher Certified
Organic Certified
Clean / Modern Building
Industry-Leading Technology
SQF Certified
Cleaning, Milling, Repackaging


Premium Capabilities

Siftex® Cleaning System

Raw material is cleaned in our state-of-the-art Siftex® cleaning system, where we remove foreign material (overs and unders) that could degrade the end product.


A proprietary modified atmosphere milling technology. Nitro-Milling® was developed for hard to mill items like chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, & more. Combining cold milling with MAP, we preserve the nutrients and extend the shelf life.

  • Fresh taste
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Preserved nutrition
  • 100% whole seed / grain
  • Highly bio-available flours


This modified atmosphere packing preserves the nutrients and extends the shelf life organically. Our packaging equipment can accommodate 5 pounds through supersack packaging; retail, foodservice, and bulk.


Our Nitro-Seal® machine is the last step in removing any oxygen. This modified atmosphere sealer extends the product shelf life and preserves the nutrition.

Metal Detection

We have Safeline in-line metal detector before the packaging machine, as well as rare earth magnets over the initial bag dump station.

Private Label

We are able to private label any size packaging from 5 lbs through 1 MT supersacks.

Third Party Laboratory Testing

For additional fees, we can mail representative samples of raw or processed product to a third party lab for microbiological or analytical testing.

Storage & Logistics

For additional fees, we can provide onsite storage in our food-grade warehouse. We can also offer competitive trucking rates from our facility, arrange pick ups, and accommodate blind shipping. For more information, please ask for our trucking brochure.


Validated 5-log kill step. Reduction of microbiological counts on food ingredients, without the use of heat or liquid chemicals. A proprietary system developed by Onset Worldwide.